SEAPACK Emergency Desalination System
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Introducing the world's first osmotic desalination kit. Intended for emergency use, the SeaPack produces a potentially life-saving drink directly from seawater in a reusable bladder. The filtered drink is very similar to the juice from pressed grapes and provides important calories that wil be a source of energy boosting nutrients during an emergency survival situation. The tight osmotic membrane rejects 97% of the salt.

Because the SeaPack is passive, there is no pumping involved. This is obviously an advantage if the user has been injured and would have difficulty operating a pump-style system. 

No pumping

Produces 17 fl.oz. (500 ml) of drink in 5 hours at 68°F (20°C) and 8 hours at 41°F (5°C) from seawater.

High salt rejection – 97%, about 0.5 g of salt is added to the 0.5-liter drink

Five-year shelf life

1 SeaPack reusable filter / eight 4 oz. syrup charges / dry bag

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SEAPACK Emergency Desalination System

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